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The Genesis Facial Device

Discover The Genesis, a luxurious 4-in-1 facial device by Bellatrix, designed to revolutionize your menu of offering for your clients. This innovative device combines Hydrodermabrasion and BellOxy Bohr technologies to provide a rejuvenating spa experience like no other. Elevate your spa services with this state-of-the-art skincare solution and indulge your clients in a pampering session that leaves their skin glowing and refreshed.

What Does The Genesis Do?

Imagine a device that combines luxury, innovation, and unmatched performance, transforming every skincare treatment into an indulgent experience. Introducing The Genesis, the revolutionary 4-in-1 facial device designed to elevate your spa services to new heights. With its advanced technologies and exquisite craftsmanship, The Genesis is more than a device—it’s a game-changer in the world of esthetics.

4 Powerful Modalities

BellOxy Bohr

Experience the revolutionary BellOxy Bohr Effect with our innovative wand. This technology enhances oxygen delivery to the skin, promoting blood circulation, cell activity, and skin metabolism.


Our Hydrodermabrasion Wand features Technology, that gently exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. This non-invasive treatment improves skin texture, offering immediate and visible results.

Hot + Cold Hammer

Heat Therapy boosts blood flow, prepping skin for extractions. Cold Therapy reduces redness and inflammation post-treatments, aiding skin recovery and soothing discomfort.


Ultrasound Therapy is the latest buzz in skincare, stimulating collagen production and maximizing product absorption, that promotes cellular regeneration, leaving your clients with firmer skin.

Comprehensive Package for Spa Owners

When you purchase The Genesis device, you receive more than just a cutting-edge tool. Bellatrix provides a comprehensive package designed to support your business and enhance your services.

"Transform your spa and elevate your services with The Genesis facial device. Contact us today to learn more and discover how The Genesis can revolutionize your skincare treatments."

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Significantly Increase Your Spa’s Revenue
Boost Client Retention and Satisfaction
Happy clients are loyal clients. By offering superior results and a luxurious experience, you’ll keep clients coming back!
Increase Offerings + Treatment Prices
The versatile modalities of The Genesis enable you to offer a wider range of premium services.
Maximize Treatment Efficiency
Increased treatment capacity means you can serve more clients within the same time frame
Enhance Marketing + Client Acquisition
The innovative and luxurious appeal of The Genesis serves as a powerful marketing tool.

Bellatrix Story: Fueling Beauty and Wellness Success

Bellatrix, is driven by a commitment to elevate beauty and wellness professionals. They recognized a need for transformation in the industry, providing not just educational resources but a comprehensive ecosystem that nurtures personal growth and business excellence.

BellOxy Bohr

Hot and Cold Hammer
BellOxy Pods
Meet The Genesis

Ultrasound Therapy

"Working with Everyone at Bellatrix has been an awesome experience! Always professional and patient with my myriad of questions. Tony is fantastic to work with! Highly recommend this company and their beautiful equipment."
Emma Hart
"I had an exceptional experience with my rep Tony, What I loved most is this was not a sales call like normal. He was very informational he went above and beyond to explain the history & amazing technology of the multi functional device."
Whitney Trosper

We're all about taking beauty and wellness professionals to new heights! We don't just sell medical devices, you know? We've got Hydrodermabrasion serums and Belloxy Pods for professional use too. But what really makes us special is our unwavering commitment to your success.