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How the Genesis Stacks Up Against the Top Facial Devices in the Market Today!

In the world of esthetic technology, choosing the right facial device can make all the difference. Discover how the Genesis stands out as the premier choice for skin care professionals.

Meet the Genesis

Your 4-In-1 Luxury Facial Device


Skin care professionals to new heights. We’re more than just a medical device sales company! We also offer Hydrodermabrasion serums and BellOxy Pods for professional use, but what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to your business’ success. 

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Significantly Increase Your Spa’s Revenue
Boost Client Retention and Satisfaction
Happy clients are loyal clients. By offering superior results and a luxurious experience, you’ll keep clients coming back!
Increase Offerings + Treatment Prices
The versatile modalities of The Genesis enable you to offer a wider range of premium services.
Maximize Treatment Efficiency
Increased treatment capacity means you can serve more clients within the same time frame
Enhance Marketing + Client Acquisition
The innovative and luxurious appeal of The Genesis serves as a powerful marketing tool.

BellOxy Bohr

Hot and Cold Hammer
BellOxy Pods
Meet The Genesis

Ultrasound Therapy

The Bellatrix Experience

The Bellatrix Experience

Your Growth is Our Focus

Bellatrix offers the one thing that beauty and wellness professionals need: a holistic solution that combines education, technology, products like SPA Facial Devices, and support all within a vibrant community. This comprehensive approach elevates individuals to not only excel in their professional skills but also succeed as entrepreneurs, providing exceptional services, all while managing their businesses effectively. Bellatrix is an all-in-one partner for beauty and wellness professionals, elevating your capabilities and opportunities in the industry.

Amelia Devane

“Embrace your brilliance, for you are the architect of beauty reborn. With every touch of Bellatrix’s magic, let your spirit soar and your dreams take flight. Here, we don’t just enhance faces; we empower souls. In the dance of light and learning, find your rhythm, your unique melody. Be bold, be bright, be Bellatrix – where every woman’s glow is a testament to her unstoppable power.”


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower beauty and wellness professionals by equipping them with top-notch tools and extensive knowledge. We go beyond just selling a device; we also offer a wide range of Hydrodermabrasion Serums and BellOxy Pods specifically designed for professional use. With these exceptional products, professionals can elevate their services and deliver outstanding results to their clients.

The Genesis

With Genesis, the revolutionary 4-in-one skincare device, you can access a comprehensive array of advanced skin care solutions. These cutting-edge treatments not only promise visible results but also offer a rejuvenating and delightful experience for your valued clients.

Hydrodermabrasion, BellOxy (Bohr Effect), Hot and Cold Hammer, and Ultrasound for Infusions.

Unlock the potential of advanced technology as it brings together two effective modalities to provide unparalleled results. 

Offer top-notch treatments that ensure your clients experience minimal to no downtime.

Treatments tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of each individual client. 

Gentle, yet highly effective exfoliation that leaves your clients skin feeling refreshed, renewed, and glowing.

Clients will see visible results after just one treatment.

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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey in the beauty and wellness industry? Bellatrix is here to support your aspirations. Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Explore Our Offerings

Discover the comprehensive range of resources, devices, and education that Bellatrix has to offer. Whether you're an esthetician, spa owner, or skincare specialist, our custom tailored solutions await.

Join the Bellas Community

Connect with like-minded professionals, access valuable resources, and expand your network through our Bellas Community. It's your gateway to a world of industry insights, masterclasses, and exclusive content.

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Experience the Bellatrix difference. From top-tier device training to personalized business coaching, we're committed to your growth. Begin your journey with us, and together, we'll elevate the beauty and wellness industry.

Meet Our Team!

Behind Bellatrix is a team of industry experts, entrepreneurs, and professionals who share a common goal – to see you succeed. We’re here to guide, mentor, and support you every step of the way. Bellatrix isn’t just a brand; it’s a movement. Join us in your journey to success in the beauty and wellness industry.


Melissa Blanchard​


A fearless entrepreneur and beauty expert, guiding individuals to achieve their aspirations and beyond. Fluent in three languages, let her open arms propel you to success.

Paola Palacio​

Paola Palacio

Education / Product Manager

A certified medical esthetician and aesthetic trainer from Colombia to Florida. With licenses in esthetics, electrology, and laser specialization.

Amelia DeVane

Amelia DeVane

Esthetician Expert

A licensed aesthetician specializing in skincare for multicultural skin. With expertise in acne and pigment correction, Amelia restores confidence and natural beauty through innovative and tailored treatments.

Linda M. Gonzalez

Linda M. Gonzalez

General Manager

A visionary leader empowering women in business development. With 14+ years of experience in pharma, Linda brings a comprehensive industry experience.

Lily Granger​

Jamie Quiles


Empowerment enthusiast and business dynamo revolutionizing the esthetic industry. With diverse degrees and extensive experience, Jamie is known for her dynamic leadership.

Business Coaching

Our coaching programs are designed to elevate you on your journey to success. We offer personalized business coaching which include one-on-one sessions, we provide the guidance you need to thrive in the beauty and wellness industry.

Your Victory Partner

Client Testimonials

“I joined the Bellas Community looking for a network of fellow professionals. What I found was a supportive family of like-minded individuals, all dedicated to elevating our careers. Bellatrix has truly made a difference in my journey.”

Jackie Burnwood

“The business coaching at Bellatrix is next-level. It’s not just about education; it’s about growth. With their guidance, I’ve been able to take my spa to new heights. The results speak for themselves.”

Lily Granger​

“The Genesis facial device has transformed the way I deliver services to my clients. It’s a game-changer in the industry. The Bella Community also offers a space for learning and sharing. I’m truly thankful for Bellatrix.”

Paula Foxx

The Bellas Community

Your Hub for Growth

Discover a thriving community of beauty and wellness professionals. The Bellas Community is your space to network, learn, and grow. Connect with like-minded professionals, participate in discussions, and access a wealth of resources. So what are you waiting for? Jump right in! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Genesis by Bellatrix is a versatile facial aesthetic device, offering innovative technology and customizable treatments. With modalities like Hydrodermabrasion, BellOxy (Bohr Effect), Hot and Cold Hammer, and Ultrasound Infusion, beauty professionals can cater to a number of diverse client needs. The Genesis stands out with its advanced features, competitive pricing, and a dedication to continuous innovation.

Bellatrix empowers beauty & wellness professionals with our Aesthetic & Spa Business Coaching Academy. Personalized coaching covers marketing, client retention, financial management, & skill enhancement. Join us for success in the beauty & wellness industry. Let’s do this together!

When you join the Bellas Community, you receive access to educational courses, masterclasses, and premium content to level up your skills and business know-how. Connect with your peers worldwide, receive personalized coaching, and the greatest part is that you can access everything on your phone! Inspiring growth and success on your beauty and wellness journey, we can’t wait to watch you succeed!

Bellatrix is a leading provider of medical spa equipment & coaching in the United States. Our commitment to quality, innovation, & professional support sets us apart. With the Genesis device paired with our comprehensive treatments, we offer cutting-edge technology. Join our coaching programs & Bellas Community for unmatched education & networking. Trust us as your essential industry partner.

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We're all about taking beauty and wellness professionals to new heights! We don't just sell medical devices, you know? We've got Hydrodermabrasion serums and Belloxy Pods for professional use too. But what really makes us special is our unwavering commitment to your success.