Discover accessible financing solutions for the Genesis device with Bellatrix In-House Finance and ClickLease. Tailored options for every credit score, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free way to elevate your medical practice.

Unlock the Potential of Genesis with Our Customized Financing Solutions

At Bellatrix, our mission is to empower every med spa and aesthetic practice by granting them seamless access to our revolutionary Genesis device. We are thrilled to offer two flexible financing options, Bellatrix In-House Finance and ClickLease, specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of your business. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can embark on a transformative journey and elevate your practice to unprecedented heights. Experience the pinnacle of innovation and unlock endless possibilities with Bellatrix.

Elevate Your Practice with the Right Financing

When you choose Bellatrix In-House Financing or ClickLease, you’re embracing a path that drives technological advancement and fuels your business’ growth. Our financing solutions go beyond mere transactions; they serve as catalysts for delivering exceptional skincare services, helping you achieve your vision. Experience the power of cutting-edge financing options for unrivaled success in the skincare industry.

Bellatrix In-House Financing

Short -Term Financing
  • Soft Credit Pull
  • Nominal Application Fee
  • Hassle-Free Process
  • Personalized Support
  • Quick Application

ClickLease - Long-Term Financing

Long -Term Financing
  • All Credit Scores Welcome
  • No Hard Credit Pull
  • No Time in Business Required
  • Instant Decision Up to $25,000
  • Pick Your Payments

At Bellatrix, we are dedicated to elevating the beauty industry through innovative solutions, unparalleled support, and flexible financing; redefining excellence with every step.

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Invest in Your Practice’s Future Today

No matter which financing option you go with, you’re making a valuable investment in the future of your practice. The Genesis is more than just a tool – it’s a commitment to excellence, innovation, and exceeding your clients’ wildest dreams in the world of skincare. With our flexible financing solutions, the path to advanced skincare and business growth becomes clear and accessible.

Bellatrix In-House Finance

With Bellatrix In-House Financing, stepping into the world of advanced skincare technology is effortless and tailored to your needs. Our in-house option is designed to support your business’ growth by making the acquisition of the Genesis device smooth and stress-free.


Choosing to finance through ClickLease means you’ll get personalized guidance from a dedicated Finance Manager who will delve into your business specifics—like your monthly budget, business tenure, credit tier, and equipment needs—to craft the perfect financing plan for you.

Meet The Genesis

Introducing our flagship treatment device, featuring four cutting-edge modalities and a wide range of treatment options. Experience the transformative power of Hydrodermabrasion, BellOxy Bohr, Hot and Cold Hammer, and Ultrasound Infusion Technologies. The Genesis is celebrated for delivering exceptional results and unmatched benefits. Elevate your med spa practice with this extraordinary device, taking your business to new heights. Finance yours today!


We're all about taking beauty and wellness professionals to new heights! We don't just sell medical devices, you know? We've got Hydrodermabrasion serums and Belloxy Pods for professional use too. But what really makes us special is our unwavering commitment to your success.