Unleash Beauty Innovation with the Genesis Device and Exclusive Bella Package

Are you ready to take your aesthetic business to new heights? Dive into the world of beauty innovation with the Genesis Device and the Exclusive Bella Package by Bellatrix. Discover how this cutting-edge technology and comprehensive package can revolutionize your skincare services and enhance your business like never before.

The Genesis Device: A Technological Marvel

The Genesis Device is not just a skincare tool; it’s a technological marvel that combines four innovative modalities to provide a versatile and customized treatment experience for beauty and wellness professionals. With Hydrodermabrasion, Belloxy Bohr, Hot and Cold Hammer, and Ultrasound Infusion Technologies all in one device, professionals can offer a wide variety of treatments, ensuring better client outcomes and maximum customization.

Exclusive Bella Package: Elevating Your Experience

Unlock the full potential of the Genesis Device with the Exclusive Bella Package that comes with every purchase. This exclusive package is designed to enhance your experience and set you up for success in the aesthetic industry.

Our Exclusive Bella Package Includes:

  • Free Shipping

    Receive your Genesis Device with no additional shipping costs, ensuring a hassle-free delivery process.

  • Live One-on-One Training

    Gain personalized training sessions to master the use of the Genesis Device effectively and maximize its potential.

  • Beautiful Classy Bella Cart

    Enjoy easy mobility and organization with a stylish Bella Cart included in the package.

  • Box of BellOxy Pods for 6 Treatments

    Enhance your skincare offerings with BellOxy pods for 6 treatments, adding value to your services.

  • One Business Coaching Session

    Benefit from a one-on-one business coaching session with a certified coach to strategize and grow your business.

  • 6-Month Membership in the Bellas Tribe Community

    Join a supportive community of beauty professionals in the Bellas Tribe, fostering growth, collaboration, and networking.

  • Marketing Materials

    Access a range of marketing materials to promote your services effectively and attract new clients.

Elevate Your Skincare Practice Today

Experience the future of skincare innovation with the Genesis Device and the Exclusive Bella Package. Elevate your aesthetic business, enhance your client offerings, and embark on a journey towards unparalleled beauty innovation. Transform your skincare practice, stand out in the industry, and achieve success with the advanced features and exclusive inclusions that the Genesis Device and Bella Package offer. Contact Bellatrix today to revolutionize your aesthetic business and elevate your beauty services to new horizons.


We're all about taking beauty and wellness professionals to new heights! We don't just sell medical devices, you know? We've got Hydrodermabrasion serums and Belloxy Pods for professional use too. But what really makes us special is our unwavering commitment to your success.