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Bohr Effect - BellOxy Bohr Wand

The Bohr effect is a phenomenon that affects the transportation of oxygen in the blood. When the pH level decreases and becomes acidic, it leads to an increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) production due to high metabolic activity in tissues. Under such conditions, the oxygen-binding affinity of hemoglobin decreases, causing it to bind less easily to oxygen. On the other hand, when the pH level increases and becomes more alkaline, such as in the lungs where carbon dioxide is expelled, the oxygen-binding affinity of hemoglobin increases, making it easier for hemoglobin to bind to oxygen.

The BellOxy wand vibrations and infrared light, in conjunction with a specially formulated product, combine with the carbon-oxygen head on the surface of the skin to create large bubbles that contain carbon dioxide. These bubbles can penetrate deep into the skin to increase blood concentration and inject oxygen into the skin, promoting blood circulation, increasing cell activity, and improving skin cell metabolism. This process effectively eliminates waste, resulting in smooth and delicate skin. This innovative and beautiful scheme achieves the effects of cleaning, exfoliation, shrinking pores, and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Bohr Effect

Next-Level Oxygen Infusion

Get ready to discover why the BellOxy Bohr Wand, a groundbreaking innovation in our Genesis device, is revolutionizing the med spa industry. With its advanced technology and cutting-edge features, the BellOxy Bohr Wand offers unparalleled results, providing a new level of rejuvenation and beauty enhancement. 

The Game Changers: BellOxy Pods

Experience the transformative power of our BellOxy Pods as they dive deep, infusing oxygen into your clients’ skin. Feel the rush of enhanced blood circulation, ignited cell activity, and supercharged skin cell metabolism. The magic unfolds to reveal a radiant complexion, refined skin texture, minimized pores, and a youthful glow that defies time.



Brighten your complexion effortlessly with the Illuminate Pod. Infused with powerful ingredients such as kojic acid, carrot extracts, Vitamin C, and Lactobionic acid, this skincare solution is crafted to lighten skin tone, reduce pigmentation, and reveal a glowing complexion. Transform your clients’ skin from dull to radiant with the Illuminate Pod. Perfect for those seeking a luminous glow and a more even skin tone.



Turn back time with the Revive Pod’s powerful blend of Red Algae, Retinyl Palmitate, Caffeic Acid, and Ferulic Acid. This pod is your secret weapon against aging, as it works to nourish, replenish, and diminish signs of aging, leaving you with youthful, revitalized skin. Embrace a renewed and rejuvenated look with the Revive Pod!



For those seeking balance and purification, the Balance Pod is here to cleanse and detoxify oily skin. Infused with activated charcoal, mandelic acid, and Myrciaria Dubia fruit extract, this pod regulates sebum production, eliminates impurities, and promotes clear, healthy skin. Say hello to refreshed and balanced skin with the purifying effects of the Balance Pod!


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