Hot and Cold Hammer Overview

Hot and Cold Hammer

Hot and Cold Hammer's Heat Therapy improves blood flow and skin circulation by using heat to relax the body and dilate blood vessels. This increases oxygen and nutrient delivery for tissue repair and promotes lymphatic drainage. It is commonly used by estheticians to prepare skin for blackhead extractions and enhance color, reduce inflammation, and maximize nutrient absorption.

Hot and Cold Hammer’s Cold Therapy is a beneficial post-treatment care method for reducing redness, inflammation, and swelling. By exposing the skin to cold, blood flow is reduced, and when the skin returns to normal temperature, blood vessels dilate, increasing circulation and supplying oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. This therapy also aids in the removal of fluids from the skin surface, reducing swelling.

  • Heat Therapy for Enhanced Circulation
  • Pre-Treatment Skin Preparation
  • Cold Therapy for Post-Treatment Care
  • Fluid Removal and Swelling Reduction
Hot and Cold Hammer

Unlock the Power of Hot and Cold Hammer for Healthier, More Radiant Skin

Hot and Cold Hammer’s Heat Therapy improves blood flow and promotes tissue repair, while the Cold Therapy reduces redness and inflammation. Both therapies enhance skin’s health and aid in reducing swelling.

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